KGO O-Port Gate Valves Designed for Difficult and Abrasive Media

KGO O-Port Gate Valves Designed for Difficult and Abrasive Media

KGO O-Port Gate Valves are designed to be used on virtually all types of liquids, slurries and dry materials. The valves are specially constructed to handle high-consistency paper stock, wood chips and fly ash, as well as slurries with high solids content and highly viscous fluids. 

KGO Valves are ideally suited for High Density Cleaners, Cyclones, Trash Dump Valves and Refiner Bypass or Isolation applications in the Pulp & Paper, Mining and Power industries.

DeZURIK KGO-CST Valves are available is sizes 2-24" (50-600mm) and feature a cast body rated to 150 psi CWP. Metal or resilient seats are available in 316 Stainless Steel, Terpolymer of Ethylene, Propylene and A Diene (EPDM), PTFE or Reinforced PTFE. 

Hilton KGO-FAB Valves (H-1500 Thru Port) are available in sizes 2-66" (50-1700mm) with a wide variety of flange drillings, body materials, gate materials and hard facing options. They also feature a fully fabricated body. Unidirectional or bi-directional sealing is available as an option. In addition, multiple packing options, seat options and seat facing options are available to meet the most rigorous applications.

More information, including the product bulletin and user manual, can be found on the O-Port Gate Valves Product Page.