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Hilton Hydro Guard Gate Valves (H-300-B)

Design Features:

Fabricated Hydro Guard Valves are specially designed to provide shutoff or isolate a flow control valve for maintenance, such as Jet Flow Gates, Throttling Knife Gate Valves,  or Fixed Cone Valves. Hydro Guard Gate Valves have a square bottom gate and are capable of closing under full flow in the event that the control valve cannot be closed. They can be metal or resilient seated. They are normally bonneted, but can also be supplied bonnetless.

Hydro Guard Gate Valves (H-300-B) Specifications

Through 144"(3700mm)

up to 400 psi (2800kPa)

Solid alloy or alloy wetted parts construction. Available in any weldable alloy including stainless steel, Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel or Titanium. Optional abrasion and corrosion resistant designs with hard facing available.

Handwheel, chainwheel, bevel gear, cylinder, electric motor