DeZURIK’s State-of-the-Art Clean Room Offers Critical Service Valve Cleaning and Packaging (Read More)

DeZURIK’s State-of-the-Art Clean Room Offers Critical Service Valve Cleaning and Packaging (Read More)


Meeting the highest standards for special valve cleaning and packaging services is of paramount importance for industry-leading valve manufacturer DeZURIK/APCO/Hilton. In order to ensure proper cleaning procedures are performed on valves intended for oxygen, ozone, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, isocyanate and other applications, DeZURIK has constructed a new dedicated clean room within its Sartell manufacturing plant.

Operated by trained cleaning technicians, DeZURIK's clean room is constructed with positive pressure ventilation to limit environmental contamination and airborne particles. The facility maintains all separate tools, benches and equipment to reduce the potential for cross contamination. Cleaning procedures include mechanical, ultrasonic and/or solvent cleaning methods, with each part inspected under both white light and UV Black Light to identify any contaminants.

DeZURIK's cleaning services adhere to industry standards and individual customer specifications. Following are some of the industry standard specifications that DeZURIK can meet:

•             Oxygen Service (per MSS-SP-138)

•             Ozone Service (per CGA 4.1)

•             Chlorine Service (per Chlorine Institute Pamphlet 6)

•             Silicone Free Service (per MSS-SP-140)

•             Hydrogen Peroxide Service (per MSS-SP-150)

•             Isocyanate Service (certified to your requirements)

•             Phos-Chem Service (certified to your requirements)

•             Other Services: (contact DeZURIK with exact specifications)

After each valve is thoroughly cleaned and re-assembled, it is given a second seat and shell test to ensure sealing capability is maintained. Once inspected, all cleaned DeZURIK valves are carefully labeled and specially sealed to protect the cleaned valve during shipment and storage.

DeZURIK invites customers who have special cleaning requirements to visit the Sartell Clean Room for review and approval of the procedures, cleaning and testing used on their valve order. To schedule a visit, or to receive for more information about DeZURIK's clean room services, please contact your local representative or one of DeZURIK's application engineers at the company's corporate headquarters in Sartell, MN.

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