Material Selection Guide

The Material Selection Guide web application makes it quick and easy to determine which metals or elastomers are suggested as suitable for application in a specific corrosive media.


Alpha I Valve Sizing Program

Alpha-I is a valve sizing tool that performs sizing calculations for DeZURIK control valves based on your process conditions. Alphal.NET Version

NOTE: The Alpha I program is an executable file (e.g. an .exe or .msi file). Internet Explorer and Google Chrome will allow you to ok the download, but Firefox blocks access because hackers have been known to use this file type to infect computers. If you are unable to use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome to download Alpha I, please email and we will send you a link to a shared file containing the program.




Download the APCO APCOST program to compare flow characteristics and energy costs of an APCO check valve with an alternative valve in a pump discharge application.

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