DeZURIK 4VG63 4-Way Solenoid Valves

Design Features:

The 4VG63 four-way solenoid valve incorporates numerous features to ensure smooth operation and long-service life. This affordable solenoid utilizes a patented, virtually burnout proof coil design. The balanced poppet pilot valve delivers high flow, precise repeatability and consistent operation. The large spool provides maximum shifting forces, even at minimum operating pressure. The one-piece, rubber bonded seal spool offers extended life and ease of maintenance. This combination of features results in a solenoid that provides millions of stick-free cycles.

Burnout-Proof Coils Are Guaranteed for Life
The patented spring-biased solenoid delivers the fastest possible response time. It is independent and isolated from the valve body and is virtually burnout proof. An internal mechanism protects the unit from the two most com­mon failure modes: failure to shift when energized and coil burnout in ac service. Dual coil voltage is 120/60 or 110/50 as standard. 

Air/Spring Return Maximizes Shifting Forces
Unlike most solenoid valves that use a simple spring to close the valve, 4VG63 solenoid valves use a combination spring/air-assisted differential return that maximizes shifting forces and helps assure consistent, long-term operation. The sole­noid features a full 20 pounds of return force where­as typical solenoid valves have only a three-pound return. In addition to a more positive return action, the increased power helps to wipe the spool valve seats, which lengthens service life and boosts reliability.

High-Performance Spools and Valve Bodies
To reduce friction and provide for long service life, the solenoid’s flow seals are bonded to an aluminum spool, machined to close tolerances and chemically hardened. The design uses two seals: one for the exhaust and one for the inlet. This design ensures a short stroke and a high volume in a small envelope.

One-Piece Aluminum Body
The 4VG63 solenoid valves also feature a smooth, die-cut body that maximizes airflow and minimizes pressure drop. The one-piece, aluminum housing is rated Type 4 and UL Listed. It features .5” NPS threaded conduit entry. The Cv is 1.4. Pressure range is from vacuum to 200 psi (1380 kPa). Operating temperature is 0–120˚F (-18–50˚C).

No Lubrication Needed
Thanks to a unique design and close manufacturing tolerances that eliminate sticking, lubrication is not required. Air line filters are recommended for maximum service life.

Manual Operators are Standard
The economical 4VG63 solenoid features a built-in manual override at no additional cost. This standard non-locking manual override assists in installation, testing and emergencies.