DeZURIK Soft Rubber Lined Eccentric Plug Valve (PEC-CIS)

Design Features:

The DeZURIK Soft Rubber Lined Eccentric Plug Valve has proven to be an excellent valve selection for on-off corrosive and abrasive slurry service. DeZURIK soft rubber lined valves are used in ash handling systems, scrubber circulating and effluent discharge, thickener feed and under-flow, ball and rod mill feeds, classifier feeds, reclaimed water, and tailing systems.

The combination of the raised seat and eccentric action allows solids to be wiped away to provide positive closure. The quarter turn action of the valve contains all process media inside the valve body. There is no discharge to the outside environment each time it is operated.

The standard CIS Soft Rubber Lined Valve can be provided with several additional features which make it even more suitable in special applications. Purge connections can be placed in the valve body directed at the plug face in the open position, which allow the area between the plug and the valve body to be flushed if necessary.

Because the valve is normally mounted in reverse flow in a slurry application, it is recommended that the nickel seat be exposed when pressure is in excess of 100 psi (690 kPa) to insure drip-tight shut-off. Carbon steel construction can be provided, which enables the CIS to be applied to slurries up to 450 psi (3100 kPa) C.W.P. For acidic slurry applications, additional standard grit excluders can be purchased. The CIS Soft Rubber Lined Valve is available with hard rubber bearings in lieu of the standard stainless steel, and the stainless plug in lieu of the standard cast iron. The factory should be consulted on services with flows above 11' (3m) per second or particles larger than 1/16" (.0625mm).

  • Choice of manual or powered actuators in rugged sealed enclosures.
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel bearings with grit excluder seals assure long, trouble-free life.
  • Multiple V-Ring packing provides reliable stem seal.
  • Body of cast iron or carbon steel.
  • Valve body flange faces and all internal body, plug and cover surfaces are lined with soft rubber to resist abrasion.
  • Eccentric action plug moves into and away from the seat, which eliminates abrasive wear.

Soft Rubber Lined Eccentric Plug Valve (PEC-CIS) Specifications

Sizes 3–54" (75–1400mm)

3–12" (75–300mm) valves — 175 psi (1210 kPa) C.W.P.
14–54" (350–1400mm) valves — 150 psi (1035 kPa) C.W.P.
Higher pressures to 450 psi (3100 kPa) available upon application.