Hydraulic Power Units

DeZURIK custom designed hydraulic power units are available to provide a tremendous range of power to drive single or multiple hydraulic cylinder valve actuators in a wide variety of industry applications. Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) can be configured to deliver continual power for valve operation, or they can be configured to provide emergency power in case of power failure. Choose from Custom Designed, Standard Traditional AC Unit or Portable Hydraulic Power Pack that can provide power in the field for valves in remote locations.   

DeZURIK’s HydraStorm Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU-DHS) is a portable power unit that generates a tremendous amount of power to drive most valves fitted with hydraulic cylinder actuators. The HPU-DHS is designed with rugged construction and diverse capabilities to suit the needs of tough indoor/outdoor applications in numerous industries including mining, power, hydropower, water, wastewater, and others. 

DeZURIK Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) Systems
Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) Systems
DeZURIK Hydrastorm Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU-DHS)
Hydrastorm Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU-DHS)