The DeZURIK Difference

DeZURIK’s founder, Matt DeZURIK, started designing products for the Sartell Paper Mill in 1925 that included knot boring machines, consistency transmitters and shower pipes. When he noticed that valves weren’t able to seal due to pitch build-up, he invented the first Eccentric Plug Valve – a design still in use today, dutifully solving sealing problems worldwide.

Today, the DeZURIK, APCO, and HILTON brands continue the tradition of partnering with our customers in the pulp & paper industry to provide the newest innovations in control, gate, plug, butterfly, automatic air and check valves. Delivering exceptional value to our customers by applying our valve and problem-solving expertise to improve their operational performance.

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Wide selection of valve styles

DeZURIK manufactures valves for basis weight control, paper stock, liquor, steam, dilution water control and others. Valve styles that can handle everything from abrasive Kaolin clay slurries to recycle trash. The application guide charts in the Valve Guide fo the Pulp & Paper Industry serve as a starting point in the valve selection process. For additional information or to contact your local representative, visit us at

Dezurik product applications in the paper industry

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Application expertise you can trust

The application expertise of DeZURIK technical sales representatives, located throughout the world, will ensure you receive the personalized and complete service you need to keep your process performing at optimum levels. Our independent representatives are backed by over 500 DeZURIK employees at our factories, service centers and offices whose primary goal is customer satisfaction and maintaining long-term relationships.

Rotary Ball Valve

Products for the Pulp & Paper Industry:

DeZURIK manufactures a wide variety of valve styles used in the Pulp & Paper Industry, including Knife Gate Valves, V-Port Ball Rotary Control Valves, Butterfly Valves, Plug Valve, Air Valves and Check Valves. To see details on each valve style, choose one of the following product categories: