Our Quality

DeZURIK, Inc.'s ISO certification represents a commitment to ongoing quality improvements and a dedication to higher levels of performance. From High Performance Butterfly Valves and AWWA Butterfly Valves to Eccentric Plug Valves and V-Port Ball Valves, we continue to improve quality in all aspects of design, manufacturing, order processing and service to our customers.

At our corporate headquarters in Minnesota, we operate from a 410,000-square-foot building. By handling several aspects of production in-house, we control our product quality.

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Our hands-on philosophy begins with design. Using state-of-the-art computer aided design (CAD) systems, our team of highly-skilled engineers perform 3-D solid modeling of valve parts and assemblies. From there our 3-D models are electronically transferred to Finite Element Analysis software to visualize deflection of critical parts under stress. Proper interference analysis and safety factors are included in every design to ensure long-term performance.

Rigorous Testing Capabilities

Research and Development activities are conducted in our state-of-the-art technical center in Sartell, Minnesota. Capabilities include high and low pressure flow loop testing for verification of capacity, characteristics, product performance, and noise levels. The computer data acquisition center captures the test parameters and results.  Read more information about our testing services.

From High Tech to Handcrafted

DeZURIK, Inc. employs the "best practices" concept in manufacturing methods, utilizing machining centers that can produce up to 75 parts simultaneously while maintaining tight tolerances. "Best practices" also includes hand-lining eccentric plug valve bodies, which are proven to stand up in severely abrasive slurries.

Whether produced by machine or by skilled craftsmen, prior to shipment, we test all valves for structural integrity, sealing performance and operation. Our factory application engineers make sure the product you need is the product you get.

Service Excellence

The integrity of our sales and service force plays a key role in delivering products that meet our customer expectations. Our customers can expect nothing less from us than application-specific valve solutions that assure long-term reliability and, ultimately, superior value. By getting inside our customers' processes, we help get process performance where it needs to be.

Consistently delivering innovative solutions, a quality product and a continued commitment to our customers brings measurable value to our customers.

quality policy statement

We provide products and services of superior performance and value, and strive to continually improve customer satisfaction through employee participation and improved effectiveness of our  business processes.