DeZURIK Split Gate Valves (KSG)

Design Features:

DeZURIK KSG Split Gate Valves are used in applications involving abrasive and/or sticky media. The Split Gate Valve can be a solution for applications where media can build up on the gate and seat, pack into the chest area, and prevent gate movement on a standard gate valve. Even greatly oversized cylinders will not solve the problem. 

DeZURIK KSG Split Gate Valves have numerous design features to overcome the problems in this type of application. KSG valves are provided with a deflection cone that performs a dual function. The deflection cone directs the abrasive flow past the seat ring, greatly prolonging its life. KSG valve also prevent media from being drawn up into the chest area due to the minimum clearance between the bottom edge of the cone and the face of the gate. Although the seat is protected from the flow by the deflection cone, it also has a hardened coating to provide abrasion resistance, less friction and better resistance to wear.

Each cylinder operates a half gate, which meets with and overlaps the other gate in a ship-lap joint in the center. Because the bottom edge of each gate is straight rather than curved, the gate more easily pushes material ahead of it in the opening direction instead of “plowing” material off to the sides. When material is plowed off to the sides as in the standard single gate valve, it can wedge between the gate edge and body and prevent operation. The large-size cylinders provide enough force to operate the valve when additional power is needed due to build-up on the gates. The gates are held in rigid alignment with the seat by the four brass set screws. These set screws maintain critical side-to-side alignment, ensuring smooth operation.

DeZURIK has specialized in manufacturing many customer gate valve designs for decades. Contact DeZURIK or your local DeZURIK representative with your application conditions for a recommendation. 

Split Gate Valves (KSG) Specifications

2-26" (50-900mm)
42-72" on application

304 Stainless Steel
316 Stainless Steel
317 Stainless Steel
Carbon Steel
Alloy 20
Hastelloy C