Manual Actuators
Wide Variety of Manual Actuators including handwheels, chainwheels, extended nuts, bevel gear handwheels and bevel gear chainwheels. Actuators include G-Series, MG-Series, GS-series and Knife Gate Manual actuators.

Spring Diaphragm Actuators
The DR-40B and DR-85B rotary diaphragm actuators set the industry standard for accurate performance, rugged construction and long, economical service life. The 316 stainless steel materials in the DR-40B and DR-85B actuators provide corrosion resistance for a wide range of demanding industrial environments.

PowerRac Double Acting & Spring Return Actuators
PowerRac Actuators are not your typical rack and pinion design actuator. PowerRac Actuators are used to provide accurate control in modulating services on all DeZURIK quarter turn valves, in addition to reliable shutoff in on/off applications. Double-acting or fail-safe spring-return cylinder options are available.

Compak Cylinder Actuators
Compak Cylinder Actuators are a versatile rack and pinion design actuator. They are available in Double Acting or Spring Return models. The compact, modular design allows the actuator to be mounted for a low-profile assembly. They feature enclosed construction and adjustable double limit stops.

Motor Actuators
DeZURIK maintains close relationships with all motor actuator manufacturers and can automate valves with any brand of motor actuator.

DeZURIK MG Manual Gear Actuators
MG Manual Gear Actuators
DeZURIK Knife Gate Valve Actuators
Knife Gate Valve Actuators
DeZURIK Rotary Diaphragm Actuators
Rotary Diaphragm Actuators
DeZURIK PowerRac Cylinder Actuator
PowerRac Cylinder Actuator
DeZURIK LA-Series Actuators
LA-Series Actuators
DeZURIK G-Series Cylinder Actuators
G-Series Cylinder Actuators
DeZURIK Compak Cylinder Actuators
Compak Cylinder Actuators
Hilton Actuators