Control Valves

A Control Valve is used to regulate the flow or pressure of a medium (such as a liquid, gas, steam, slurry or pulp stock) in a controlled process. Control valves are usually operated by remote signals from a controller, and are of critical importance in process control performance.

DeZURIK offers a line of rotary control valves that provide superior performance and longevity, including the following styles of control valves . . .

  • V-Port Ball Valves are used for control of fibrous suspension applications, plus clean, dirty, viscous and corrosive liquids and gases. When operated by a high quality DeZURIK actuator and controlled by one of many high performing positioners, the DeZURIK V-Port Ball control valve can deliver control accuracy exceeding 0.5%.  V-Port Ball Valves are available in size 1-20" ASME Class 150 and 1-12" ASME Class 300 can handle temperatures to 1000°F (540°C).
  • Rotary Control Valves are used for throttling liquids, gases and slurries. The Rotary Control Valve provides precise throttling accuracy and control over a full 90° of rotation. The Rotary Control Valve is available in sizes 1 - 12" in ASME
  • Precision Electric Control Valves are a high-resolution control valve specifically designed for critical paper stock control, and is used for basis weight and head box level control applications. It provides unmatched control accuracy, positioning and repeatability with up to 7760 repeatable positions.
  • High Performance Butterfly Valves are used for everything from general service applications to viscous and corrosive liquids; corrosive gases; and steam. These ASME Class 150 & 300 valves are available with PTFE seats, Dual Seats and Metal seats to handle temperatures up to 700°F (370°C) or higher on application.