Throughout our 250 years of combined history, DeZURIK, APCO, HILTON and Willamette have been recognized worldwide for collaborating with customers to design and engineer valves that provide superior performance and value. Today, we continue the tradition of partnering with our customers to provide the newest innovations in gate, plug, butterfly, check, air, and rotary control valves.

Our commitment to quality ensures customer satisfaction. We apply our expertise to deliver a broad spectrum of application solutions. Our team continuously delivers superior product performance and best-in-class customer service. You can count on DeZURIK’s high quality valves for exceptional performance in a wide range of applications throughout your facility.  

Full-featured valves for today's power industry

DeZURIK valves are successfully applied in coal-fired, natural gas, hydropower and biomass plants handling a wide variety of media including water, slurries, ash and chemicals. Valve designs include features for superior performance, reliability and efficiency such as 100% port areas for high flow capacity, premium packing systems with metallic scraper rings for long service life and full-force lockouts for safety. In addition, our expertise in materials engineering allows us to assist with selecting the proper metals, elastomers and hardened trim materials for longest service life and maximum value.



Ruggedly designed for maximum value

Our engineers spend many hours in the field listening to customers to fully understand the intricacies of each application and incorporate that knowledge into the valves we design. Using the latest advancements in technology such as Solid Modeling, Finite Element Analysis, 3D Rapid Prototyping and Computational Fluid Dynamics, DeZURIK engineers create valves that offer superior installed performance.

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Power.jpg Valve Solutions for Power Industry

Products for the Power Industry

DeZURIK manufactures a wide variety of valve styles used in the Power Industry, including Plug Valve, Butterfly Valves, Rotary Control Valves, Knife Gate Valves, Air Valves, Check Valves, Ball Valves and Cone Valves. To see details on each valve style, choose one of the following product categories:

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