DeZURIK Balancing Valves for HVAC

Design Features:

The DeZURIK Balancing Valve is designed specifically for heating/air conditioning systems in multi-story commercial buildings. Balancing valves provide a means of adjusting and reading the flow in condenser and hot or chilled water systems. These valves help maintain the desired flow, balance point and temperature throughout the building.

The resilient faced plug provides balancing and positive shutoff capabilities in one valve. Balancing valves are available in 1–24" (25–600mm) sizes. Smaller sizes on application. Flow curves are available that represent valve characteristics by individual valve size, providing an accurate means for balancing and measuring flow in the system.

Flow Taps
All valves are available with upstream and downstream flow taps, allowing easy flow measure ment and optimum valve positioning. Fittings consist of two 1/8" (3mm) N.P.T. air valves with sealing caps or two 1/8" (3mm) petcocks with quick disconnect couplings.

High Flow Capacity
The clean interior design and straight-through flow pattern allow high maximum flow capacity with minimal pressure drop.

Bolted Bonnet
All valves have bolted bonnet construction, allowing easy disassembly if maintenance is required. Dual Bearings Each valve has stainless steel bearings in the bonnet and body to prevent binding and to assure lasting, easy valve operation.

Dead-Tight Shutoff
Resilient plug facings provide dead-tight shutoff without the use of sealing lubricants. The standard resilient plug facing provided is CIIR, ChloroIsobutene-Isoprene, with a maximum temperature rating of 250°F (121°C). Other compounds are available on application.

Wide Choice of Body Materials
DeZURIK offers a wide choice of body materials to meet your individual application requirements.

Actuator Options
Balancing valves are available with lever and handwheel actuators.

Adjustable Memory Stops
Lever and handwheel actuated valves are available with adjustable, open position memory stops. Adjustment of the stop to the desired open position allows the valve to be closed and reopened to the same position.

Higher Pressure Applications
For higher pressure applications, DeZURIK offers Ductile Iron plug valves with 250 lb. end connections. Contact application engineering for details.

A variety of accessories/options are available to customize the valve/actuator package to meet specific application requirements, including 1/4" (6mm) flow taps and chrome plated memory stops with marked incremental positions.

Ordering Information
Please refer to the Eccentric Plug Valve Bulletin 12.00-1D for complete details on dimensions, available actuators and accessories.

Flow Curves Available
Flow curves for each valve size are linked below.