DeZURIK Tail Gas High Performance Butterfly Valve (BTG)

Design Features:

DeZURIK has specially designed the BTG Tail Gas High Performance Butterfly Valve to meet the rigorous requirements of services where polymerization or solidification of media can prevent valve operation. BTG Tail Gas Butterfly Valves are used for tail gas service in refinery sulfur recovery units, polymer processing or adhesive manufacturing.

DeZURIK standard BHP High Performance Butterfly Valves are available with standard steam jackets for less rigorous requirements, but BTG Tail Gas Valves include unique features which keep the valve at process temperature and protect critical bearing and seat areas. In addition to steam jacketing the body, internal steam passage ports are located near the upper and lower body bearings. These features prevent hydrogen sulfide and other media from solidifying, freezing the bearings, damaging the seat and preventing tight shutoff.