DeZURIK PowerRac Cylinder Actuator

Design Features:

PowerRac Actuators are not your typical rack and pinion design actuator. PowerRac Actuators are used to provide accurate control in modulating services on all DeZURIK quarter turn valves, in addition to reliable shutoff in on/off applications. Double-acting or fail-safe spring-return cylinder options are available.

PowerRac Actuators provide high-operating torque for modulating services and high opening torque for on/off services. The unique square collet coupling rigidly clamps the drive pinion to the valve shaft, eliminating backlash in the drive connection.

Positioners are solidly mounted on the actuator housing with a square nut, feeding exact valve position directly to the positioner. No lost motion assures accurate valve positioning. A standardized accessory rack allows easy mounting of other commonly used accessories including position indicating switches, potentiometers, air filter regulators, and solenoid valves. As an option, PowerRac Actuators are available with a throttling manual override, allowing valve operation in case of system or supply failure.The modular design and compact size allow the actuator to be close coupled to the valve.

Standard ISO bolt circle allows PowerRac Actuators to be used on all DeZURIK quarter turn valves.

PowerRac Cylinder Actuator Specifications

Three actuator sizes allow PowerRac Actuators to be used on valves from 1-24"* (25-600mm*).
*Varies by valve style

Rated for 100 psi (690 kPa) maximum operating pneumatic pressure

Cast iron housing with fiberglass cylinder. Hardened steel gears.