APCO Full Flow Rubber Flapper Foot Valves (FRF)

Design Features:

APCO FRF Full Flow Rubber Flapper Foot Valve is a type of check valve designed for raw sewage applications typically installed at the bottom of a suction line and inside a wet well. It is an inexpensive way to maintain prime on a single centrifugal pump.

They are available with Ductile Iron bodies with ASME 125/150 end connections in sizes 2-24” (50-600mm).

Since the valve is continuously submerged, it is not readily accessible for inspection or repair. For this reason, the valve is constructed with high quality long-wearing materials. It has a heavy cast body with integral flanges and drop tight resilient seating to ensure no loss of suction.

The APCO Full Flow Rubber Flapper Foot Valve seat is at a 45 degree angle to the centerline of the pipe. This allows flow up vertical installation and minimizes the flapper travel distance from closed to fully open position. The shorter travel distance minimizes head loss and aids in non-slam closure.

The foot valve is installed in the vertical position with the direction of flow upward. In this position, the valve is normally closed. Prior to initial start up of the centrifugal pump, it is recommended to manually fill the suction line with water. This eliminates the risk of damage to the centrifugal pump from running dry.

Once the suction line is filled, the foot valve takes over and opens while the centrifugal pump is running and closes when the pump stops running to maintain a primed flooded suction pump.

Full Flow Rubber Flapper Foot Valves (FRF) Specifications

Ductile Iron


250 psi CWP (1720 kPa)

2-24” (50-600mm)

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