APCO Silent Check Valves (CSC)

Design Features:

APCO CSC Silent Check Valves are designed to mitigate water hammer by positively closing before reversal of flow can occur. The valve closes silently, is low in cost, reliable and requires no regular maintenance. Available with wafer or globe style bodies, sizes range from 1-42" (25-1100mm). They are available with Ductile Iron, Cast Iron, Carbon Steel or 316 Stainless Steel bodies with ASME 125/150 or ASME 250/300 end connections.

Silent check valves are commonly used in vertical turbine pump installations when pumping from a well to an elevated reservoir. They are also recommended for commercial and industrial HVAC applications such as heating systems and condensate return lines. When specified, the APCO CSC Silent Check Valves are Factory Mutual System Approved for use on hazardous fire fighting equipment and fire protection systems.

The short face-to-face dimensions of APCO Silent Check Valves offer a compact solution in equipment room piping layouts. APCO Silent Check Valves are capable of silent operation when installed in vertical flow up or flow down, or horizontal position. Valves can be metal seated or have an optional resilient seat of Acrylonitrile-Butadiene (NBR), Terpolymer of Ethylene Propylene & A Diene (EPDM) or Fluoro Rubber (FKM). The resilient seat ring can be easily added in the field to convert a metal seated valve to a resilient seated valve.

Both the wafer style and the globe style valves provide full flow area. Flow area of wafer style valves is 3% greater than pipe area while globe style valves are 10% greater than pipe area. The contours of the valve body are designed for smooth flow and minimum loss. The full cross-sectional area of critical points in the body is greater than the cross-sectional area of the same size pipe, giving the APCO Silent Check Valve lower head loss than many other brands of silent check valves.

When the pump stops, the stainless steel coil spring forces the disc closed against slight to no pump head at zero velocity which results in silent closure. The plug is center guided at both ends by the shaft. The stainless steel bushing and shaft protect against electrolytic action and provides long valve service life. If maintenance is ever required, the seat and plug are hand replaceable in the field. The bushing is held in place by the spring and retaining ring so that it can be easily removed if required.

Silent Check Valves (CSC) Specifications

Cast iron, ductile iron, carbon steel, 316 stainless steel

300A Wafer Style and 600A Globe Style

ASME 125/150 or ASME 250/300 

Wafer 1-10” (15-250mm); Globe 3-42” (80-1100mm)

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Silent Check Valves (CSC) Silent Check Valves (CSC) Silent Check Valves (CSC)

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600A Series (Globe Style)