Valve Selection in Pulp & Paper Operations, E-Article 97.01-02

The world’s paper use has changed dramatically and so have the mills and machines that produce a widening array of paper and packaging products. Knowing how to choose valves for applications in the growing industry of today can enhance performance and create profit. The right valves often are not those with lower initial costs, but rather those that provide the lowest cost of ownership over the life of the valve. This article describes the processes used in Pulp & Paper manufacturing and how to select valve styles to meet the demands of each application.

Brewery High-Strength Receiving Station & Force Main Project

Stevens Point Brewery was part of a public-private project to change how the brewery’s industrial wastewater was pumped to the wastewater treatment facility. Stevens Point Brewery installed DeZURIK Cast Iron Eccentric Plug Valves (PEC), Glass Lined Eccentric Plug Valves and Level Sensor Isolation Valves as part of this project. This article describes how the Brewery and Treatment plant were able to reduce the organic load of the effluent by pumping it to an equalization tank where it is mixed with trucked-in high strength waste before being fed into the treatment plant's anaerobic digesters. 

Narragansett Bay Commission's Field's Point Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge Systems 

Narragansett Bay Commission was required to upgrade its two wastewater treatment facilities to exceed a permit limit of 5 mg/L total nitrogen. Since starting up, the system has effectively reduced total nitrogen concentrations in the upper bay, exceeding expectations. DeZURIK was proud to supply pneumatically operated AWWA Butterfly Valves as part of this project.

Performance Factors and Installation Procedures for AWWA Butterfly Valves  

This article identifies many performance factors to consider when locating or installing AWWA butterfly valves in a pumping, distribution or plant piping system. These factors include the direction of fluid flow through the valve; the presence of upstream and downstream fluid disturbances; the shaft orientation; the rotational direction of disc closure; the proper swing clearance for the valve disc; the valve’s proximity to liquid or solid chemical injection systems; fluid hammer; and the requirements of installation, start-up and maintenance.

Back To Basics: The Always Reliable Plug Valve

Eccentric Plug Valves have been a proven performer for decades and have developed a reputation as a reliable workhorse in everything from water to chemical service, clear liquids to mining slurries, and many applications in between. This article describes the design, how a plug valve works, proper installation, multi-port valves, actuation and applications.

APCO ASU Combination Air Valves Solve Problems Caused by Pipeline Grease

APCO Single Body Combination Air Valves (ASU) are designed with innovations to operate effectively on pipes filled with fluids containing grit, solids and grease. When these materials get inside air valves, the grease coagulates and can render some air valves inoperable in just weeks or months.