DeZURIK MG Manual Gear Actuators

Design Features:

DeZURIK Manual Gear Actuators are available in cast iron construction for use on BHP High-Performance Butterfly Valves, BOS-US Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves, RCV Rotary Control Valves, VPB V-Port Ball Valves and .5-3" Eccentric Plug Valves.

Manual gear cast iron actuators feature sintered bronze bearings on each end of the input shaft for durability and performance. The ductile iron gear provides strength for robust applications and a long service life without maintenance. Manual gear cast iron actuators are available with handwheel or chainwheel.

Externally Adjustable Stops
Open and closed position stop screws are externally adjustable, permitting easy and quick adjustment of gear limit stop positions for the valve.

Enclosed and Buried Service
The actuator is weatherproof as standard, andis sealed to prohibit entry of moisture and dirt. The operator is high-temperature grease filled.

Easily Visible Indicator
Manual gear actuators feature an external, easy-to-read indicator that clearly indicates valve position.

Safety Lockout
As an option, a convenient lockout may be ordered on handwheel actuators. The lockout allows the actuator to be padlocked in open, closed and various intermediate positions. The lockout may also be purchased separately for field conversion.

Standardized Mounting
The actuator features tapped mounting holes which allow simple, external mounting of the actuator to the valve. The ISO bolt pattern permits interchangeability with other DeZURIK actuators and valve styles.

Actuator Options
Manual gear actuators are available with a wide variety of options available on application.