DeZURIK P200 Series Analog Positioners

Design Features:

The P200 (pneumatic) and P201-P204 (electropneumatic) positioners are designed for critical control applications.  Valves with double acting actuators and the P200 series positioners meet the most demanding valve performance specifications. The P200 series positioner offers the following benefits compared to previous analog positioner products:

Higher Performance features include:

  • Passing the BenchMark Black Diamond test reliably
  • Lower Hysteresis of 0.6% vs 0.75%
  • Higher Gain of 1100:1 vs 1000:1
  • Higher Air delivery of 31.5 SCFM vs 18.8 SCFM
  • “NON-Interactive” zero and span
  • Standard Low temperature performance of -40 ° F vs -20 ° F
  • Higher NEMA rating of NEMA 4X vs NEMA 4

Additional Benefits include:

  • Easier repair/maintenance, I/P and Pilot valve can be replaced without removal of other components including feedback if equipped.
  • Feedback options (4-20mA, Switches, or both) are installed in main housing without loss of maintenance access.
  • Zero & Span can be adjusted from outside the positioner without removal of the cover to reduce contamination in the field.
  • All maintenance can be performed with one screwdriver.
  • Easy conversion from P/P to I/P, EX, etc. to reduce storeroom stocking requirements.
  • I/P is located in the main housing reducing condensation and moisture problems.
  • Main housing has automatic exhausts for water and oil to reduce contamination issues.
  • High performance reinforced diaphragm to eliminate “blow outs”.