APCO Sewage Air/Vacuum Valves & Dual Body Combination Air Valves (ASV)

Design Features:

ASV Air/Vacuum Valves Prevent Vacuum Conditions
APCO ASV-401 Air/Vacuum Sewage Air Valves are specifically designed for operation on sewage and waste media. Air/Vacuum Valves vent large volumes of air when the sewage line is filled and allow air to re-enter when draining, to prevent vacuum or column separation from occurring.

Sewage Air/Vacuum Valves utilize two floats, each connected to a common stem which is guided through a bushing. The upper float shuts off instantaneously against the seat, due to the impact zone and lifting force of the much larger concave bottom float, as sewage media enters the valve body. Once closed and pressurized, the Air/Vacuum Valve will not open to release air. It will open under negative pressure allowing air to re-enter and prevent vacuum from forming in the line.

Dual Body Combination Sewage Air Valves
The ASV-401C Air/Vacuum Valve has an independent, side-connected Air Release Valve. The ASV-401C provides dual functions: venting large volumes of air through the large orifice and releasing small pockets of air through the small orifice air release valve.

The Dual Body Combination Sewage Air Valve automatically releases collected pockets of air will through the small orifice automatically while pressurized. Should a vacuum develop in the force main, both orifices open to permit large volumes of air to re-enter and break the vacuum.

The large orifice air valve has an upper float and a lower concave float. The valve maintains an air gap between the concave bottom float and upper shut-off float. The small orifice air valve has a compound lever mechanism with a long float stem with a stainless steel float. The elongated body maintains an air gap between the float and the mechanism.

The air gaps prevent waste solids from clogging the upper shut-off float of the large orifice and the lever mechanism of the small orifice valve.

Sewage Air/Vacuum Valves & Dual Body Combination Air Valves (ASV) Specifications

1-14” (25-350mm)

401, 401C

Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel, 316 Stainless Steel

CAD Files