Since 1952, the Hilton name has stood for “Fabricated Construction” in the design and production of innovative valves for a variety of industries. This manufacturing approach allows the engineering staff to use stainless steel, Hastelloy, titanium and other costly alloys for valve interiors; and lower cost materials (such as carbon steel) for the exterior flanges and stiffeners. This results in superior products at competitive prices. Additionally, Fabricated Construction allows standard valve modifications for special applications.

60 Years of Knife Gate Valve Innovation

The HILTON Valve story began in 1944 while Harold HILTON was serving as Engineering Officer on a U.S. Navy destroyer. When a shipboard valve was damaged at sea, Mr. HILTON designed and fabricated a replacement using materials in the ship’s maintenance shop.

In the late 1940s, while working as an engineer for a steel fabricating company, Mr. HILTON again designed a fabricated valve when a critical production schedule couldn’t wait for the delivery of a cast valve.

In 1952, and with years of fabrication and piping system experience, Mr. HILTON founded HILTON Valve.

Early production included a variety of valve styles with emphasis on fabricated Knife Gates which were used extensively in pulp and paper mills. For the past 60 years, HILTON Knife Gate Valves have found a growing range of applications in other industries based on their ruggedness and economy.

In 1983, HILTON operations were redirected to focus exclusively on the design and manufacture of fabricated valves including Large Diameter and Custom Knife Gate Valves and on other valve designs built to specific application requirements.

With a reputation for design innovation and installed product performance, HILTON Valves provide reliable shutoff and control of high volume and critical flow in all industries including Water, Hydro, Energy, Process, Mining, Material Handling and Marine systems worldwide.

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