Hilton Fixed Cone Valves

Design Features:

Hilton Fixed Cone Valves are designed for continuous flow control with free discharge. They are commonly used on reservoirs for water level control and turbine by-pass. The valve’s features and robust construction are designed to provide years of trouble-free service. The unique rib design reduces vibration. Hilton Fixed Cone Valves operates smoothly from zero to 100% capacity without cavitation. Flow discharge coefficient is between 0.80-0.85.

Hilton Fixed Cone Valves are available with a baffled hood design that provides ~ 90% energy reduction compared to 20%-40% reduction for an un-baffled hood design (based on testing performed at the Utah State University Water Research Laboratory).

Fixed Cone Valves Specifications


  • Actuation options include; manual, electric and hydraulic.
  • Hydraulic power units available.


  • Typically provided in carbon steel with stainless steel provided on critical components.
  • Can be provided in all stainless or other weldable alloys at the user’s request.
  • Epoxy coating options available.


  • Metal to Metal or resilient seat designs available.
  • Optional Nitronic 60® seat rings are available for increased wear resistance.