Hydro Knife Gate Valves

DeZURIK manufactures a wide variety of Hilton brand valves for use on dams and reservoirs, including the following styles:

Hilton Hydro Guard Valves : Hydro Guard Valves are specially designed to provide shutoff or isolate a flow control valve for maintenance on dams and reservoirs.

Hilton Throttling Gate Valves:  Hilton Throttling Gate Valves are used primarily for free water discharge and flow control on dams and reservoirs, where there is pressure on the upstream side and zero pressure on the downstream side. They are an economical alternative to the Jet Flow Gate when pressures are typically under 100 psi.

Hilton Jet Flow Gates:  Jet Flow Gates are precision manufactured throttling valves used for high pressure / high head service, and are built to U.S. Bureau of Reclamation specifications or designed for specific application requirements.


Hilton Hydro Guard Gate Valves (H-300-B)
Hilton Hydro Guard Gate Valves (H-300-B) from our trusted valve company
Hilton Jet Flow Gates (H-2500)
Hilton Jet Flow Gates (H-2500) from our trusted valve distributor
Hilton Bonneted Throttling Knife Gate Valves (H-340-B)
Bonneted Throttling Knife Gate Valves (H-340-B)