DeZURIK Double Block & Bleed Knife Gate Valves (KSV-DBB)

Design Features:

The DeZURIK Double Block & Bleed Knife Gate Valve is based on the successful KSV Severe Service Knife Gate Valve design. It combines two ASME Class 150 or 300 pressure rated knife gate valves into a single unit with a single actuator and a central bleed port. This compact design provides a dual isolation solution, allowing personnel to isolate and drain downstream system media while safely maintaining upstream pressure. The integral double valve/single actuator design minimizes leak paths, reduces weight and saves costs.

The Double Block & Bleed Valves can be engineered to meet various lengths, heights and end connections.

  • Size range from 3-48" (80-1200mm) with additional full fabrication sizes available.
  • ASME Class 150 or 300 pressure rating
  • Ideal for extremely abrasive media in the mining, petrochemical, and other industries
  • Available in carbon steel, low temperature carbon steel, 2205 duplex stainless or 316 stainless body

Single Actuator; Two Valves

A single pneumatic or hydraulic actuator operates the two Knife Gate Valves and ensures positive shutoff of both valves which is necessary when performing downstream system maintenance. The single actuator utilizes a single lockout device that is designed to hold the full actuator force, plus a safety factor, to ensure worker safety

  • Single pneumatic or hydraulic actuator operates two gates
  • Heavy duty open and close lockouts

Large Drain Port

DeZURIK’s Double Block & Bleed Valve is constructed with a drain port between the valve seats with either a flanged or threaded end connection. The drain port allows bleed off of media between the valves for verification of positive sealing.

Interchangeable, Rotatable Metal & Resilient Seats

The KSV Severe Service Valves feature a “dual wear ring design.” The hardened metal seats are identical so they can be interchanged, rotated or replaced in the field to achieve maximum service life, saving on repair costs. Optional resilient seats provide drip-tight shutoff.

  • Metal or resilient seats available
  • A variety of elastomers to meet process media conditions

Independent Closure Members & Seats

The twin Severe Service Knife Gate Valves provide bi-directional seating, allowing isolation of media from both upstream and downstream of the valve. The valves can be used in dead-end service without a mating flange.

  • Safety designed in . . . for the worker and the process

100% Port with Hardened Trim

All valve internals in the flow path have hardened material facing. The 100% port area (seat ID matches standard pipe ID on ASME Class 150 valves and extra-strong pipe on ASME Class 300 valves per ASME B36.10) provides uninterrupted high flow capacity with negligible pressure drop.

  • A variety of gate materials available
  • Tungsten Carbide, Chrome Carbide, Cobalt Chromium or other hardened material facings

For additional information, see DeZURIK’s Severe Service Knife Gate Valves, or contact your local DeZURIK representative.

Double Block & Bleed Knife Gate Valves (KSV-DBB) Specifications

3-48" (80-1200mm)

ANSI Class 150 or 300 pressure rating

Metal or Resilient

Available in carbon steel, 2205 duplex stainless or 316 stainless body