Research and Development activities are conducted in our state-of-the-art technical center in Sartell, Minnesota. High Performance Butterfly Valves. AWWA Butterfly Valves. Eccentric Plug Valves. V-Port Ball Valves. Rotary Control Valves. Knife Gate Valves. No matter the valve, or the industry it serves, every DeZURIK product undergoes a stringent set of tests. Capabilities include high and low pressure flow loop testing for verification of capacity, characteristics, product performance, and noise levels. The computer data acquisition center captures the test parameters and results.

Flow Testing – Water

  • Type of system: Continuous flow closed loop
  • Data Acquisition and Loop Control: Lab View
  • System Capacity: 72,000 GPM
  • Pumps: 1 variable speed, 125 horse power
  • 7 Fixed speed 150 horse power pumps
  • Test valve size range piping and fixtures for 2-36" (except 2-1/2", 5" & 30")

Extreme Temperature Testing 

  • Elevated Temperature test chamber - Grieve 
  • Ambient to 1200° F - 50"H x 26"W x 37"D

Noise and Pipeline Vibration Measurement 

  • EXTECH Digital Sound Level Meter with RS232 PC interface
  • DATAQ Data acquisition system with interface and software

Static, Seat Shell and Cycle Testing 

  • Six stationary testing stands
  • Test fixtures for 2-36"
  • 7 Sprague pumps 1000 psi output
  • 1 Sprague pump 1800 psi output
  • 2 Sprague pumps 4600 psi output
  • Submersible pump 350 psi output

Electronic and Electrical

  • Multi-Meters
  • Loop/Process Calibrators

Fugitive Emissions 

  • E Instruments Methane Gas Sniffer model 7899

Model Shop Metal Cutting 

  • Floor Model Drill Press
  • 1 Bench Grinders
  • Table Belt Sander 
  • Small Programmable Lathe
  • Taps and Dies

Strain Measurement 

  • Micro-Measurements System 8000 data acquisition system. 16 channel - Strain/Thermocouples/High level voltage sensors.

Torque Testing 

  • Digital Torque Wrenches with RS 232 PC interface measures to 1000 ft. lbs.
  • Dynamometer and lever measures to 25,000 ft. lbs.

Vacuum Testing 

  • 13.3 SCFM Vacuum Pump
  • (2) 2 SCFM Vacuum Pumps

Mechanical Vibration Testing

  • Vibration testing table - Frequencies up to 60 Hertz

Miscellaneous Testing 

  • Automated Test Stand for Manual Actuator Cycling
  • Emerson Hand-Hold Device Communicator
  • BenchMark Valve Diagnostics System

Materials Testing

  • MTS Criterion Series 40 Electomechanical Universal Test System
  • Techpro ODR Rheometer (Materials Lab)
  • Brinell Hardness Tester
  • Magnetic Particle Testing
  • Microscope 90x Power

For more information on DeZURIK, Inc. testing capabilities please contact info@dezurik.com