DeZURIK O-Port Gate Valves (KGO)

Design Features:

DeZURIK KGO O-Port Gate Valves can be used on virtually all types of liquids, slurries and dry materials, but are specially designed to handle high-consistency paper stock, wood chips, fly ash, and slurries with high solids content and highly viscous fluids. KGO O-Port Gate Valves are ideally suited for High Density Cleaners, Cyclones, Trash Dump Valves and Refiner Bypass or Isolation applications in the Pulp & Paper, Mining and Power industries.

DeZURIK KGO-CST O-Port Gate Valves are available is sizes 2-24" (50-600mm) and feature a cast body rated to 150 psi CWP, and with uni-directional face sealing. Metal or resilient seats are available in 316 Stainless Steel, Terpolymer of Ethylene, Propylene and A Diene (EPDM), PTFE or Reinforced PTFE.

Ideally Suited for Standing Column of Dry Material
DeZURIK O-Port Valves are capable of closing through a standing column of dry material. As the gate slides closed, it carries a slice of the media into the valve body. When the valve slides open, it pulls the slice of media from the body back into the flowing media stream.

Replaceable Seats
Seat faces are protected from the media in the full open and closed position. Metal and resilient seats are easily replaceable in the field on KGO-CST valves.

Purge Ports Facilitate Cleaning
Purge Ports in the chest and lower body area allow periodic purging to prevent clogging.

Precision Ground Stainless Steel Gate
The 316 Stainless Steel gate is precision ground on all sides. Edges are beveled to maximize packing life.

Common Actuator Mounting
DeZURIK KGO-CST O-Port Valves are available with handwheel actuators or can be supplied with the same powered actuators as the popular DeZURIK KGC Cast Stainless Steel Knife Gate Valves.

Lockout Device
Lockouts for open and closed position are available on all sizes of handwheel and cylinder actuated valves. Lockouts are designed to hold the full actuator force, plus a safety factor.

O-Port Gate Valves (KGO) Specifications

Cast Design 2- 24" (50-600mm)
Hilton Fabricated Design (H-1500) through 66" (1700mm)

to 500°F (260°C)
Higher temperatures available on application or on fabricated design

150 psi CWP (1034 kPa)

316 stainless steel

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O-Port Valve on Hopper Application Animation