Hilton Bonneted Throttling Knife Gate Valves (H-340-B)

Design Features:

Fabricated Bonneted Throttling Knife Gate Valves are an economical alternative to the Jet Flow Gate used when pressures are typically under 100 psi. The valve is used primarily for free water discharge and flow control on dams and reservoirs.

Throttling valves are used on the outlet of dams to regulate the release of water for level control. The primary objective of this type of valve is free discharge of water into the atmosphere, often under a high differential pressure. Most valves are not suitable for free discharge service. Bonneted throttling knife gate valves specifically designed for this service offer an economical option for low-head applications up to 230 feet of head (70 meters), or 100 psi (690 kPa). They are less expensive than valves designed for high head applications (over 100 psi, 690 kpa) such as jet flow gates and fixed cone valves.

The valve includes some of the features of the Jet Flow Gate with a unique design that permits them to open smoothly in free discharge conditions, where there is pressure on the upstream side and zero pressure on the downstream side. UHMW guides are located on the downstream side of the gate to provide full support throughout the entire length of travel. Downstream side of the valve is larger than the upstream side which serves to resists damage from cavitation and vibration.

The Hilton H-340-B bonneted throttling knife gate valve is specifically designed for low-head, free-discharge applications. This design uses a square gate so the end of the gate is not cantilevered into the port. This prevents vibration and noise by fully supporting the gate over the complete travel length. In addition, the H-340-B valve features an oversized outlet flange which prevents cavitation by providing increased airflow on the discharge side of the valve. In certain cases, such as the use of an extended discharge pipe, modifications can be made to the H-340-B valve to provide additional air venting as required.

The H-340-B bonneted throttling knife gate valve is typically built with extended flanges which further stiffen the body for this severe service. The H-340-B bonneted throttling knife gate valve has similar features compared to valves designed for high-head free-discharge service, but is more economical. The H-340-B bonneted throttling knife gate valve is accepted for this application by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and many municipal water districts. The H-340-B bonneted throttling knife gate valve has been installed and operating successfully at many facilities around the U.S.

Fabricated Throttling Gate Valves built to U.S. or International Standards. Heavy duty bonneted throttling to face dimensions.

Bonneted Throttling Knife Gate Valves (H-340-B) Specifications

Through 144"

up to 100 psi

Metal or Resilient

Valves are available in solid or wetted parts construction in any weldable alloy, including Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel and Titanium.

Optional abrasion and corrosion resistant designs with hard facing available in Stellite, Tungsten Carbide, Pulse Fusion

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Bonneted Throttling Knife Gate Valves (H-340-B)