DeZURIK Deflection Cones for Knife Gate Valves

Design Features:

DeZURIK Knife Gate Valves are specifically designed for tough abrasive and/or corrosive services. To prolong valve life in especially demanding services, Deflection Cones can be used to protect valve seats and internals from wear. Deflection Cones are mounted between the upstream valve flange and the adjoining piping, and can be used on either metal or resilient seated knife gate valves.

Deflection Cones are available in Urethane for general services; 316 stainless steel for corrosion resistance; and Cast Iron with a minimum Brinell Hardness of 400 BHN for abrasion resistance. 

DeZURIK Deflection Cones can be used on KGC-ES  and KGC-MD. They can also be used on DeZURIK legacy KGS, KGL and KGC-HD Knife Gate Valves.

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