O-Port Gate Valves

DeZURIK manufactures a variety of O-Port or Thru-Port style gate valves that have a circular opening in the gate that provides an unrestricted flow path when open. O-Port or Thru-Port style gate valves operate by moving a wedge of the flowing media inside the lower valve body when closed. O-Port or Thru-Port style gate valves are used on slurries and dry materials; high-consistency paper stock;  wood chips;  fly ash; slurries with high solids content; and highly viscous fluids.

KGO O-Port Gate Valves:  KGO O-Port Gate Valves are a cast design valve used in applications such as High Density Cleaners, Cyclones, Trash Dump Valves and Refiner Bypass or Isolation Valves.

Unival Ported Gate Valves: Unival Ported Gate Valves have a unique pressure assisted sealing system that utilizes elastomer sleeves which rely on line pressure rather than compression to provide a primary seal. Unival Ported Gate Valves are used in abrasive, corrosive and scaling applications.

Hilton Thru-Port Gate Valves: Hilton Thru-Port Gate Valves can be used for slurries, solids and granular applications. They can be fabricated in any weldable allow with bonneted or bonnetless designs that provide an unobstructed round port or diamond shaped opening for precise flow control.


DeZURIK O-Port Gate Valves (KGO)
O-Port Gate Valves (KGO)
Hilton Thru-Port Gate Valves (H-1500)
Hilton Thru-Port Gate Valves (H-1500) from our trusted valve distributor
DeZURIK Ported Gate Valves (PGV)
Ported Gate Valves (PGV)