Special Construction Gate Valves

DeZURIK manufacturers many styles of specialty gate valves and knife gate valves. Here are a few:

Hilton Square/Rectangular Port Knife Gate Valves: Square/Rectangular Port Knife Gate Valves are custom manufactured for each specific application. Available with resilient seat for tight shut-off and with bonneted, or bonnetless configurations.

Hilton Custom Fabricated Gate Valves: Custom Fabricated Gate Valves are designed to application needs in custom styles, sizes, configurations and materials.

Hilton Wedge Gate Valves: Wedge Gate Valves employ a solid wedge design which provides tight shutoff.  They are available in specialty and custom designs including narrow or custom face-to-face dimension.

Hilton Bonneted Slide Gate Valves: Fabricated Bonneted Slide Gate Valves feature lightweight construction for low pressure systems with displacement pocket and tapered body for column-cutting material handling service.

Hilton High Pressure/Temperature Knife Gate Valves: Fabricated High Pressure/Temperature Valves for severe services are designed to specific application needs for temperatures up to 2000°F and pressures to ASME Class 900.


Hilton Square or Rectangular Port Knife Gate Valves (H-200-R)
Hilton Square/Rectangular Port Knife Gate Valve from our trusted valve company
Hilton Wedge Gate Valves (H-110)
Hilton Wedge Gate Valves (H-110) from our trusted valve supplier
Hilton Bonneted Slide Gate Valves (H-500-B)
Bonneted Slide Gate Valves (H-500-B)
DeZURIK Split Gate Valves (KSG)
Split Gate Valves (KSG)
DeZURIK Square or Rectangular Knife Gate Valves (KSR)
Square or Rectangular Knife Gate Valves (KSR)