Special Service Gate Valves

DeZURIK manufactures a number of valves designed for a specific service, including . . .

KSV Double Block & Bleed Knife Gate Valves: DeZURIK Double Block & Bleed Knife Gate Valves combines two ANSI Class 150 or 300 pressure-rated Severe Service Knife Gate Valves into a single unit with a single actuator and a central bleed port. This compact design provides a dual isolation solution, allowing personnel to isolate and drain downstream system media while safely maintaining upstream pressure.

KGY Mixing & Diverting Knife Gate Valves: DeZURIK Knife Gate Mixing & Diverting Valves are used in dry material handling applications. They offered in a wide variety of patterns and sizes. Diverting Valves can be configured to diverter material from a single inlet to 2, 3 or 4 different outlets. Mixing Valves combine material from 2, 3 or 4 inlets into a single outlet.

KCI Coal Burner Isolation Valves: Coal Burner Isolation Valves close off pulverized coal burner lines during maintenance shutdowns, providing increased safety by reducing the risk of fires and accidents. Coal Burner Isolation Valves are available in cast or fabricated designs.

KLS Level Sensor Isolation Valves: Level Sensor Isolation Valves are specially designed to mount between the stock chest and the level sensor. This valve allows removal of the sensor without draining stock chest.

Hilton Material Handling Knife Gate Valves: Material Handling Knife Gate Valves are used on dry bulk materials where the valve is installed horizontally in a vertical pipe. A displacement pocket is provided which enables the valve to close through a standing column of packed material.

Hilton Diverter Knife Gate Valves: Custom Diverter Knife Gate Valves can be fabricated in any weldable alloy in true-Y, branch-Y, tee or special configurations.