DeZURIK Eccentric Plug Valves (PEC & PEF)

Design Features:

DeZURIK Eccentric Plug Valves are used to handle clean and dirty liquids, sludge, slurries and gases. They can be used for either isolation/shutoff or throttling/control services.  

The animation below shows how the Eccentric Plug Valve works. The quarter turn eccentric action and resilient plug facings ensure lasting bubble-tight shutoff. As the eccentric plug rotates from open to closed, it moves into a raised eccentric seat. When in the open position, the plug is out of the flow path. As the plug closes, it moves eccentrically toward the seat without scraping the seat or body walls, so there is no plug binding or wear! The resilient plug face makes full, uniform, firm contact with the seat for bubble-tight shutoff.

Eccentric Plug Valves feature a rectangular port design that provides wide tolerance seating geometry for lasting superior shutoff. The eccentric plug action and resilient plug facings assure lasting dead-tight shutoff. Standard features include corrosion-resistant bearings, welded nickel seat, grit excluders, and adjustable stem seal packing.

Port area options include 100% of standard pipe area for applications where highest flow is required (such as pumped systems), and 70/80% area for non-pumped (gravity feed) systems. The straight-through body design maximizes flow capacity and reduces head loss. Flanged or mechanical joint end connections are available.

Eccentric Plug Valves (PEC & PEF) Specifications

.5 - 72" (15 - 1800mm)

450°F (232°C)

Resilient plug facing: drip tight
Metal plug: equal to ANSI/FCI 70-2 Class IV

Cast iron, ductile iron, bronze, aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, Alloy 20, and Monel

PEC Eccentric Plug Valves:

  • Cast Iron: .5-12” = 175 psi (15-300mm = 1210 kPa); 14-72” = 150 psi (350-1800mm = 1035 kPa)
  • Ductile Iron:.5-12” = 285 psi (15-300mm = 1965 kPa); 14-72” = 250 psi (350-1800mm = 1724 kPa)
  • Special: 450 psi (3100 kPa)

PEF Eccentric Plug Valves:
  • Cast Iron or Ductile Iron: 3-12” = 175 psi (80-300mm = 1210 kPa); 14-36” = 150 psi (350-1800mm = 1035 kPa)

CAD Files

PEC Eccentric Plug Valves .5-3" (15-80mm) Download here

PEC Eccentric Plug Valves 4-72" (100-1800mm) Download here

PEF Valves 3-36" (90-500mm) Download here